Friday, September 25, 2009

Oahu: Topside, Part I

Above, Sunrise from our room.

Above, Laie Point

Ruth & I just got home from a week on Oahu, celebrating our 7th anniversary at our roots. We used to live up on the North Shore where country means country. Chickens on the roads and horses in the bananas kind of country. Our kind of country. Was soooo nice! Most people who visit Oahu stay in Waikiki and travel up to the North Shore for a day. We stay on the North Shore and travel to Waikiki for an evening. This is, after all, where we used to live, so we already knew precisely what we wanted to do and see.

Above, Ruth in the Waiamea Valley.

Above, the marina at Haleiwa.

Above, the view from our room

We started with a 30 shrimp for 15 bucks at Ahi's on Kam Hwy. This was our favorite haunt back when. A huge lanai with tables, jungle on three sides and herds of feral cats acting their sweetest for just a morsel. Everything remains but the felines.

We spent a morning in the Waiamea Valley taking in the botanical gardens and swimming under the waterfall in the upper valley before heading to a favorite locals beach, hidden from Kam Highway. Most folks can't do "island time", we slipped back in so easily it was as if we never left. I slept super nice that very first night, with the windows open and the surf rolling in, just like how we used to sleep when we lived here.

The North Shore.

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