Thursday, February 16, 2012

A long and poorly produced video from Gene Marshall Trail

Like I say, it may not be worth watching but the video does show you some of what parts of the trail are like.  I'm gettin' better at this. As Bad Santa (Bill Bob Thornton) said, "They can't all be winners, now can they?".

David Stillman & Cliff Griffiths on the Gene Marshall Trail, Feb 2012


  1. Fantastic video. Those cat prints are unreal ... and I like how the descent from PML toward PB and Twin Forks has a very roller coaster/slalom feel ... 'cause that's what it feels like when one is hiking it.

  2. I just saw this post right now, while happening to be pasting video clips together from a recent hike myself. I haven't been able to get my real video camera working for some damn reason and so I'm using my iPhone. You think your video is poor? What you got here looks a hundred times better than what I got going on. And not only that, but now mine is going to look like a shameless imitation of your post here in more ways than one.